Specialized screwdriver
for electricians

Electricians Screwdriver
Ergonomic Design Project I Specialized screwdriver - for specific use
Collaboration: Hultafors I Target group: Electricians
Research: Group work I Final design: Individual
4 weeks, Fall 2018 I Umea Institute of Design
Hultafors interests:
How can a screwdriver be specialized to fit the specific needs for professionals?
How can the screwdriver be upgraded with new features to improve performance?
Important features Hultafors:

specific user focus

attention to detail



Insights from interview with Nikita (Head of Design at Hultafors):
Nikita hoofd

> Functionality of product more important than Hultafors identity
> Combination of ergonomics, aesthetics and uniqueness
> Wera and Bahco are seen as biggest competitors

Insights meeting with electricians at Elektro:
Three heads elektro

> 3.5 mm flat head most common screwdriver
> Don’t look at tools when reaching for them
> Buying process: “We just get whatever is on the shelves at Ahlsell”
> Bost, Bahco and Expert best brands, because of rounded handles

Carrying 4-5 screwdrivers in pockets/belt (additional screwdrivers in backpack)

Too long/thick insulation (for reaching narrow spaces)

Screwdrivers with extra bits often too thick

Adding extra torque for rotation

Hammering on top of a screwdriver

Key insight:
"We often use screwdrivers in ways for which they are not intended (chiseling, prying, 
bending, adding extra torque) that's why they don't last as long as they could"
Foam modelling and testing with students (as on ongoing process):
Re-visiting Elektro with 5 foam models
General comments from electricians at Elektro:
Better to have magnetic point
Most electricians are wearing thin gloves
Preferable texture fully around and only at back part
Preferable smooth transition between insulation and metal
Feedback from electricians at Elektro on the 5 concepts:

- Precision work (for small/medium bits)
- Nice fit, good shape
- Like the grip
- Could be a bit longer

- Too big for normal screwdriver
- Good size if bits are inside
- Hammering part super useful

- Overdesign, always have
more than one screwdriver for
putting in hole for extra torque
- Having hole is definitely

- Almost never use
T-shape screwdriver
- Takes a lot of space in pockets/belt compared
to regular ones

- L-shape screwdrivers
mostly not used
- Just seen as extra
screwdriver to carry,
which is inconvenient

Feedback Nikita (Head of Design at Hultafors):
It would be interesting to see the first concept being explored further, maybe less straightness in the
front and back part would be better. Further the front part of the second concept looks really good.
Focus on first concept, but incorporate features from second and third concept:

Add hammering part from second concept
Front part based on second concept
Add hole from third concept
More rounded back part
Bit longer handle
Final dimensions:
Characters Hultafors brand:

Line pattern

Red - Black - Metal

Engraved logo

Placing of logo:

Hultafors wishes:
> Logo should be visible if product lays/hangs in shelves
> Preferable logo only once at product, except if it makes sense to have more

Arguments for middle option:
> The easiest way to read text is from bottom to top if product hangs in shelves
> Logo four times on product is too much, decided to place two logos
> In this way the screwdriver can hang with both sides to the front

Grip and color placing:

> Pattern allows extra grip in back, but smooth rotation at front part
> Logo doesn’t stand out too much with rest of screwdriver
> Different look then existing screwdrivers
> Every color is related to one material
(gray-metal, black-rubber, red-hard plastic)

Sketches by hand and with Photoshop:
Foam model:
3D visualization:
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